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Beecher Recreation Baseball Philosophy:
A few years ago Beecher Recreation decided to alter its philosophy when it comes to organizing our baseball teams.  After many discussions with parents, listening to coaches, coordinators and the board members, we had decided to allow coaches to carry over players from their previous year’s rosters to their current year’s roster.  This was done in an effort to allow the children, parents, and coaches to grow and learn together; to develop skills and relationships, and become more familiar with each other throughout their Beecher Recreation baseball experience.  At the present time the Board believes this philosophy is working in the manner in which it was designed.  Although it is still in its infancy stage, we are excited about the progress that the Beecher Recreation Baseball organization has made in the past few years as a result of this new philosophy and we are eager to see what the years ahead will bring.  We also acknowledge that no system is perfect and are always working to improve our organization when possible.   We thank you, the parents and coaches, for your support and we encourage any and all questions, comments, and concerns.

For T-Ball questions or more information please contact:
T-Ball Coordinator: Chester Hanson III  825-6843

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