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Beecher Recreation Softball Philosophy
A few years ago Beecher Recreation decided to look into altering its philosophy when it comes to organizing softball teams.  After discussing with coaches, coordinators, and the board, it was decided to remain with the draft style that has been used in the past.  We have found with a smaller number of teams as well as the increased coach turnover rate in softball that this is the best option for softball at this time.  Due to the lesser volume of teams, children inherently grow and learn together; develop skills and relationships, and become more familiar with each other throughout their Beecher Recreation softball experience.  For these reasons the Coordinator and Board decided not to alter the way softball drafts are conducted.  At the present time the Board believes this philosophy is working in the manner in which it was designed.  We also acknowledge that no system is perfect and are always working to improve our organization when possible.   We thank you, the parents and coaches, for your support as Beecher Rec. is a 100% volunteer organization and its success is a result of the time and effort put in by all the parties involved.  We encourage any and all questions, comments, and concerns.

For Softball questions or more information, please contact the Softball coordinator:
Softball Coordinator: Mike Irwin 243-9689

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Softball ages follow school year
Rookies 1st/2nd Grade
Pixies 3rd/4th Grade
Minor/12U 5th/6th Grade

Junior/14U 7th/8th Grade

T-Ball As of Sept. 1st
T-Ball 6, 5